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Let’s go Shopping!

This is the fun part of the process – shopping! David will meet with you, either by phone or in person, to have a consultation about what you are looking for in a real estate purchase. You will talk about everything from what style you like, to what your financial goals are, to how far you want to be from the ski area or downtown. There are a lot of different factors to consider when looking at property, so answering a lot of these questions ahead of time helps David to focus your property search on just the properties that are right for you!

Once you have determined the specific types of property that you would like to see, David will put together a customized tour for you. Looking at property can be overwhelming, so make sure to take notes, bring a camera and take photos, and ask a lot of questions. The shopping process can take a few hours or several months. There is no time frame other than the one that is right for you.