Catamount Real Estate

Surrounded by soaring peaks, the high meadows around Steamboat Springs are a stunning place to call home. In the pristine mountain air, glades of Aspen give way to open spaces dotted in summer with a riot of colorful wildflowers. Crystal streams and still blue lakes sparkle with sunlight for 300 days of the year, and provide a whole range of recreational options. Just outside of town, developments like the Catamount Ranch and Club provide the ideal setting for mountain homes. Catamount real estate is part of an 8,000-acre section of exquisite mountain property, fully half of which is set aside for preservation.

Real Estate in Catamount

Special features at Catamount include a private lake and championship golf course, which have been incorporated seamlessly into the natural landscape. Lake Catamount house options range from tranquil waterside cottages to family estates on extensive acreage. Homesteads among Catamount real estate can be as large as 70 acres. Community amenities like the Lake House, with dining, a spa pool and fitness center, provide a social center for residents to spend time together and relax, surrounded by the magnificent surrounding peaks on every side.

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