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John P. Holloway, Jr.

“You were the one who got it done. When you sold the house for Deb & I, you worked every single angle there was, to make it happen. You never took NO for an answer and always had a “we can get this done attitude”. Your attitude rubbed off on all the other parties, including the buyers, sellers, lenders, appraisers, title examiners, surveyors, etc., and in the end it did get done. You stuck to it and got it done.
Along the way, there were many obstacles that appeared overwhelming to everyone, but you. You must have stayed awake at night trying to figure out a new approach. Each day brought a new answer and when another question came up, you were there to get it answered. You were involved as if it were your own house being sold. Your attention to getting it done in a timely fashion was most appreciated and we thank you every month (since we don’t get any more payment coupons).”

John P. Holloway, Jr.
Holloway, Brabec & Associates, P.C.
Steamboat Springs, CO